Once upon a time...

snow6Once upon a time, in a land far away from here, there lived a little girl called Ariella. She lived with her Aunty and all she was given to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner was porridge. In fact all she had ever eaten was porridge. Now porridge is yummy, but not all the time. One day, after another bowl of lumpy porridge, Ariella was feeling a bit sad and as she got ready for bed, she said to herself, “there must be more to eat than lumpy porridge.”

That night Ariella had a dream. It was the most beautiful dream she had ever had in her life. In her dream she sat up and found herself in a field of beautiful flowers, the grass was long and it tickled her knees. She started to walk through the grass and looking around her, she saw mountains and hills that were covered in snow, but this snow was not white, it was all of the colours of the rainbow and the frosted hills glistened like jewels under the warm rays of the sun.

Ariella came to a clearing and realised she was stood on the edge of a hill, that rolled steadily down into a valley. As she looked into the valley, she saw waterfalls of liquid and they were pink, golden and violet, flowing into beautiful pools. As she looked, huge snowflakes began to fall from the sky, they were all shapes and sizes and so many colours, she could not count them.

Ariella tipped her head back, opened her mouth and a let one of the snowflakes melt on her tongue…wooosh! An explosion of flavour hit her like fireworks and Ariella felt like she had been lifted off her feet.

In all her life Ariella had never tasted anything so delicious. Opening her mouth as wide as she could and standing on her tip toes, Ariella stood on that hill side and let the rainbow snow fall all over her. Strawberry, mint, maple, chocolate, cherry, candy cane, sour apple the flavours came one after the other and delighted Ariella so much that her heart felt happy.

Suddenly Ariella realised that this land was different, that everything in it was made to be enjoyed…”I’m in a magical place! I’m in the land of sugar and snow.” She bent down and picked a flower, she smelt its petals and the fragrance was just like cinnamon sugar cookies, she popped it straight in her mouth. It was delicious, so she picked another and ate it straight away…this time it was like waffles and caramel.

Ariella was so happy and excited that she skipped down the hill into the valley. Stopping by one of the pools she put her hand under the falling liquid, immediately her hand was covered in sticky syrup.

Ariella stretched and yawned, “I feel sleepy, but I afraid to wake up…what if I never come to the land of sugar and snow again? Ariella lay down in the grass, and fell into a deep sleep.”

“Breakfast is ready!” Ariella woke up with a start. Feeling downhearted, Ariella dragged herself out of bed, pulled on her dressing gown and trudged down the stairs.

There on the table, was her usual bowl of porridge. She didn’t feel very hungry. With a big sigh Ariella pushed her hands deep into her dressing gown pocket. What was that? Ariella felt something cold and soft at the bottom of her pocket. Carefully, she lifted it out and there, glistening in her hand was a beautiful fleck of rainbow snow.

Ariella gasped, ”it wasn’t just a dream…it is a real place!” Ariella sat down in front of her porridge and began to eat it with a big smile on her face. “If the land of Sugar and Snow is a real place…then I can go back. All I have to do is dream.”